Characteristics of RC Rock Crawlers

category129When buying rock crawler, you should not only look at the speed, rock crawler is all about maneuverability and power. Obviously, you want a rock crawler that you can navigate obstacles and also extreme uneven rocky surfaces. Although other crawlers can handle the rough terrain, RC crawler is designed to perform better on the rocks.

RC Rock Crawler specs.

For rock crawlers, you need more torque (controlled power) than the high speed and the high RPMS. Many RC rock crawlers have motor on rear and on the front axle. This provides the optimal power required to bump up level that the normal crawler cannot handle. RC rock crawler uses stock electric motor and low gear setup that deliver steady power at a low speed. This is very important because it enables you get over the rocks.

Low centre of gravity.

You don’t want rock crawlers that chassis will drag over the rocks, but still, you don’t want a crawler that will tip over when you get to a steep rock hill. The large ties can provide the necessary ground clearance. When the crawler is raised up high, it can tip too so easily, thus, it is very important to balance low centre of gravity with the clearance.

In addition, it is very important to ensure all the weight is not on the rear part where it will easily pull the RC back, thus not allowing it to climb hills well. Putting things such as the battery to the front part rather than on the rear part can help to distribute weight.


Rock climbing involves uneven surfaces, a lot of twisting and turning. A good RC Rock crawler should have a soft not a stiff steering and suspension. Most rock crawlers have a 4 wheel drive and also a 4 wheel steering as well.

4-wheel steering, abbreviated as 4WS means that all wheels have the ability to control the direction the crawler turns. This enables you to maneuver very well even in a small area. In addition, it is also good to look for crawler with locked differentials. This means that all wheels are not in contact with rocks or ground all the time. If not locked differential, the wheels that are not in contact with the ground may be powered instead of the wheels that should be powered to get the crawler over the rock.

When buying, it is very important to take these aspects into consideration. Always check these aspects
before buying.

The Tamiya Clod Buster Monster truck is among the best and modern RC crawlers in the market. With 4WS, very easy to maneuver, low centre of gravity and decent traction power. Another very decent RC Crawler is XR10 RC Rock Crawler, the most recent rock crawler from Axial Racing. RC Rock Crawler is a MOA (Motor-On-Axle) crawler. This means that it has 2 motors, one on the front axle and the other on the rear axle. This makes it an outstanding unique crawler, far much better than the normal crawlers.

These are some of the characteristics of an excellent RC Rocks Crawler. if you are a serious rock climbing enthusiasts, you should take these specs into consideration.

List of RC Rock Crawler For Sale

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